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Fair enough 

Thanks Jerry, 

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Jerry, with respect to your request, I imagine it's a little hard not to judge when the man apparently takes someone's money, ends contact, delivers no product, but responds immediately at the opportunity for another sale? 

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On Oct 20, 2011, at 2:14 PM, Jerry Deall wrote: 

Please don't judge, Jeffery is a great guy but has a very rough time as of late (info too personal to post here). 
I am positive no "con" was intended. 
However he has stopped his Cumberland Case business, that's all I know. 

Thanks Jerry, 

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Hi, I noticed there were some questions about Jeffrey Spoor on the site which I'd like to add a post on, to stop other people having the same experience as me. I'd appreciate it if you could put this up. 
Kind regards. 

I've noticed that on a number of harmonica-related sites there are posts asking whether Jeffrey Spoor and his company Cumberland Custom Cases are still trading because people have paid for items that never materialized. I ordered a case from Jeff some time ago and, up until the moment that I paid, he was friendly and attentive, responding to my emails promptly and politely. However, as soon as I paid for the item, he stopped returning my emails and never answered the phone. I tried him numerous times over a period of a few months and didn't receive a single response. I originally gave him the benefit of the doubt but eventually asked someone else to email him asking about a potential purchase to see whether he was really receiving and ignoring my correspondence. He responded almost immediately... I believe he's now shut down his site completely and started a new one at . I had been looking forward to receiving a 
unique, handmade product but instead I appear to have been conned by this man, like many others it seems. Please be extremely careful ifyou're planning to buy anything from him. 

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