[Harp-L] Set List's...

Giggin' my new duo tomorrow night at The Mill in West Boylston, MA.
Far from a blues gig.  Almost a classic rock gig.  Steve plays
acoustic guitar and does the vocals.  I blow harp.  Would love to see
some of the different set lists out there from gig land as well as the

Here are our first two sets for tomorrow.  The third and final set is
always spontanious and full of requests being played.

1st SET:

Ophelia (G)

Slip Slidin’ Away (G)

Don’t Mess Around W/ Jim (E)

Into The Mystic (D)

Me & Julio (A)

That’s Alright Mama (E)

Caravan (G)

Solitary Man (Em)

The Gambler (G)

Dead Flowers (D)

Was a Sunny Day (G)

Shanty (G)

 2nd SET:

Brown Eyed Girl (G)

Cripple Creek (A)

The Boxer (C)

Son of a Sailor (G)

Suzy Q (E)

Bad Bad Leroy Brown (G)

Runaway (A/Am)

You Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere (D)

Loves Me Like a Rock (G)

The Weight (G)

Drift Away (G)

Can’t You See (D)

Soulshine (G)

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