Re: [Harp-L] Jeffrey Spoor Cumberland Custom Cases

When I grow up I want to have a business selling things to harmonica
players: they'll cheerfully pay up front and then wait for months or years
to get what they ordered, And when they complain, some other harmonica
player will come along and tell them they don't understand the full story.

On Thu, Oct 20, 2011 at 2:14 PM, Jerry Deall <jdeall@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Please don't judge, Jeffery is a great guy but has a very rough time as of
> late (info too personal to post here).
> I am positive no "con" was intended.
> However he has stopped his Cumberland Case business, that's all I know.
> Thanks Jerry,
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> Hi, I noticed there were some questions about Jeffrey Spoor on the site
> which I'd like to add a post on, to stop other people having the same
> experience as me. I'd appreciate it if you could put this up.
> Kind regards.
> I've noticed that on a number of harmonica-related sites there are posts
> asking whether Jeffrey Spoor and his company Cumberland Custom Cases are
> still trading because people have paid for items that never materialized. I
> ordered a case from Jeff some time ago and, up until the moment that I paid,
> he was friendly and attentive, responding to my emails promptly and
> politely. However, as soon as I paid for the item, he stopped returning my
> emails and never answered the phone. I tried him numerous times over a
> period of a few months and didn't receive a single response. I originally
> gave him the benefit of the doubt but eventually asked someone else to email
> him asking about a potential purchase to see whether he was really receiving
> and ignoring my correspondence. He responded almost immediately... I believe
> he's now shut down his site completely and started a new one at
> I had been looking forward to receiving a
> unique, handmade product but instead I appear to have been conned by this
> man, like many others it seems. Please be extremely careful ifyou're
> planning to buy anything from him.

Arthur Jennings

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