[Harp-L] Filip Jers & Randy Singer Jams in Stockholm - Thanks to Harp-L

Hello !

Welcome to check this video - Filip Jers & Randy Singer jams on a walking street in Stockholm, very spontaneous jam. 


Randy Singer lives in Miami - United States and was on tour in Sweden with Robert Wells 
and contacted Filip Jers to meet. 
They had before just talked on different harmonica-forums (Harp-L, slidemeister) etc on the internet. 

The harmonica community is big and very alive on the internet. 
You can learn a lot and meet people by checking it out.
This music would not have been played if it wouldnt have existed!

So thanks Harmonica & Music lovers !

Feel free to comment and check it out!

Filip Jers & Randy Singer

Filip Jers


phone: 0046 768 08 25 50


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