Re: [Harp-L] New England, Texas etc harmonica players

 I'm now living in Dallas, Tx; and I have been here for many years.
A CT native, the harp guys that influenced my formative years the most 
we're Sugar Ray Norcia, James Cotton, Keith Dunn(who played with me for a long time and is
a Boston native, now of Rotterdam), 'Magic' Dave Therault(who also played
with me and taught me). A few out of NE guys who need to be mentioned, from
Queens: Marty Fink(Finch) who recently started up playing again, the great Bob Shatkin,
and Steve Guyger. 
A few Texas guys not mentioned, 'Stompin' Bill Johnston, John Moscioni(Texas Johnny Boy),
and one a bunch of people overlook, Kaz Kazanoff, who besides being a great saxophonist,
blows great harp in the Walter Horton style. I guess I should mention he is from Boston too,
and played with Johnny Nicolas for a long time(another Texas/NE connection).



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,-) Martin, YOU & Mikael BÃckman, Filip Jers and now Michael Fall are my 

favorite Harmonica players in Sweden!!,-)

Rob Paparozzi

(creator of the ne reality show : "The World's got Harmonica Talent")

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I honestly hope you guys arenÂt going to mention every single harmonica 

player in every single state? ItÂs starting off with New England and now 

moving to Texas.

California coming up?

Some of us are non-Statesiders, and with no disprespect to the list 

majority, it might get just a tad boring ...



(in Sweden!) 


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