Re: [Harp-L] Texas Harp Players

Paul Harrington from the Dallas area belongs on this list.  The link below is of Adam Gussow discussing/demo'ing Paul's CD, "Harmonica Soul Serenade."

Historically, James Cotton, Kim Wilson, Gary Primich, Sam Myers, Lewis
Cowdrey, Paul Orta, Hook Herrera, Dale Spalding.

Still living here: James Cotton, Greg Izor, Sonny Boy Terry, Jim Lee,
Cara Cooke, Bonzai Larocca, Walter T. Higgs, Guy Forsythe, Mike
Milligan, Dave Klein, Brad Trainham, Hash Brown, Rob Roy Parnell, the
Welch Family, plenty of other folks I am spacing on after a long day
and me.
Michael Rubin

On Tue, Oct 18, 2011 at 8:39 PM, David Terry <walkincane@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>      O.K. Guys this is getting weird! So far in the space of two
> digests there has been mention of of my birth town( Bockton,Ma.),the
> little town I grew up in dureing the mid 60's(Hanover,Ma.) .My High
> School and the first cat to show me how to blow a harp(Majik).Oh Yeah
> and Lynwood Slim, used to see him around Long Beach! It brings back
> memories that I thought were all behind. Now that we have N.E. almost
> complete how many great harp players were/are from the great state of
> Texas??? Yeah I got here as quick as i could and I will start w/ Micky
> Raphiel.


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