[Harp-L] Re: Amp Casters

The heavy removable Fender style casters add something like 21/2 in to
the height of the amp, which can make it more difficult to manage on
stairs. It can be a bit of a bother to remove them, particularly when
they get a bit bent or crusted up.

On Oct 18, 11:31 am, MundH...@xxxxxxx wrote:
> Only that it might start moving across the stage!
> BUT If you DO... <BAD IDEA> make sure that they LOCK!
> Don't do it!   I have, and you are better off buying a  trolley or a dolly
> to move the amp upon!
> The castors tend to get broken off in any event, in transit.....
> Just my 2 Centavos worth..
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> bluesharpa...@xxxxxxxxx writes:
> Are  there any negative consequences for putting amp casters (wheels) on  a
> Bassman amp?
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