[Harp-L] R. Multieffects

<"Isaac, your information is incorrect.  Each row on the Digitech (from 
top to bottom, something like 10-11 rows) represents a different 
effect---distortion, compression, amp, EQ, pitch/modulation, delay, 
reverb, etc.  You can turn off any row (meaning any effect) with a 
single button push (once you're in edit mode, which is also a single 
button push).  At least that's the way it works on the 250/255/350/355, 
probably on the 150/155 too.">

Yeah, no that's exactly what I meant. I just find it a bit inconvenient that you have to push those buttons by hand. They are quite small and a bit hard to see in a dark room. Plus, there are two buttons you have to push instead of one stomp switch.

<"Further, you can assign the 
footpedal to any effect parameter, including on/off, so you can turn off
 anything you like in performance using the footpedal if you prefer.">

I actually didn't realize that you could do that. For some reason I thought it could only control the master volume when no expression-pedal-specific effect was being used. So that would solve some issues for me sure! I'm going to figure out how to do that asap! Thanks!

<"Or if you like, you can just set up two patches side by side, one with the effect on, and the other with the effect off, and switch between them 
easily. Most people tend to use only a handful of sounds on a gig, and 
the Digitechs have 60-70 user patch slots on them (depending on the 
model), so there's more than enough room for several variations on any 
given sound.">

Yeah, this is exactly the solution that I use too. However, as a one man band, I tend to use several patches for each song: A patch with good compression and a very little reverb for beat boxing, a couple of different pitch down patches to be sued for basslines, a couple of nice clean patches with our without some modulation effects for harmonies, and then several various amped patches with and without delay/reverb for soloing over it all.  I have so many patches that I have to have a list of all them handy so I can keep it straight in my head! Lol! :0  All in all, I've got 15 patches that I use in performances, and commonly use four or more in a single song. Furthermore, different songs call for different combos of these patches, accesses in different orders, so I can't really get them all lined up in the order they are used without a lot of repetion of each patch, and the 155 only has 50 slots, so I'd quickly run out of space if I did that.
 Unfortunately, I also use the built in looper, which makes switching to a lower number patch much slower (I need an external looping pedal, but again, I don't have the $$).

  By the way, I would never say that you can't use an RP for playing live! I do so all the time, with good success. I would only say that it is not a one-to-one emulation of how a discreet pedal board works, and that there are some trade offs you have to live with using a unit like an RP.  There is definitely a learning curve to these types of units (as you've seen here, I'm learning new stuff all the time!), so that is something you have to be willing/able to deal with. It just it seems to me that units like the M9 and G3 seem to be going more for direct one-to-one pedal board functionality, which is a very intriguing concept to me, and could potentially be easier for most folks to figure out.

But what you say is true. No sense getting into a discussion where neither party have actually used the damn thing! :) If I ever get the opportunity to play one, I will certainly make a video, and I'd encourage anyone who ones one to do so as well!



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