[Harp-L] Harmonica players in New England

Barbeque Bob
Sonny Jr.
Ryan Hart
Sugar Ray Norcia
Jerry Portnoy
Johnny Hoy
Chris Brown
Racky Thomas
Brian Templeton
Mr. Nick
Mike Turk
Parker Wheeler
Watermelon Slim...he wasn't from Boston but spent many many years there.
and yours truly..Cheryl Arena...I moved to Texas 6 years ago but I'm proud to be from New England and spent the first 20 years of my harmonica career up there and still go up several times a year to play and visit...I'll be up there next week from the 26th of Oct. till the 9th of Nov...It's still home to me and I miss it dearly. Especially my musician friends.  
I'm sure I missed some too..lots of great harp players in or from New England!

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