Re: [Harp-L] New England Harmonica Stars?

Jim Fitting played harp for Treat Her Right (one of the greatest bands that ever existed anywhere, I mean really, show me a harder rocking group), and he now plays with Session Americana, though I don't know if he founded that group or just joined them after they were already in existence.

Isn't Sonny Jr. the amplifier guy from New England as well?

Also, Ryan Hartt is a great player who fronts his own band in Connecticut.  They are heavily west-coast influenced and have represented the CT blues society at the IBC competition in Memphis many times.


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I am working on a project and would like some input from the list.  Who are
the "who's who on harp" over the years here in New England where I currently
reside.  Not just blues, all genres.  I will start the list. Thanks for your

Annie Raines
Magic Dick
Jimmy Gordon
James Montgomery



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