Re: [Harp-L] country tuning songs -- Melody Maker

On Oct 17, 2011, at 1:33 AM, steve@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> I am going to retune one of my extra C harps to Melody maker so I can use it on some bluegrass and country songs where I need the specific melody notes.  But I reallly like those rich draw bends on 3 draw for a lot of country stuff, too... I wonder how difficult it will be for an old fart like me to adjust to having that A note on 3 blow?
> Steve Webb in Minn.

Dunno Steve. I numbered the bends wrong in a previous post. I find 3 bends and a natural on the 3 draw reed. The A is the second from the bottom bend and second from the top bend. I guess that makes it a TWO stage bend. Getting that one is a wee tricky on the fly and without using any other note as a lead-in. 

BUT, having said that, a good practice tune is 'Ruby Gentry theme' in FIRST position. "they say' the word "say" is the A note on a C harp."Ruby you're like a flame". So the second syllable in ruby (or by...pronounced bee) is the A again, and the word "like" is an A again, then the word "flame" is a Bb. (Bb being a ONE stage bend.). Point is, there's a lot of bending here. And it tends to be good practice. When it sounds clean, you're in. 

Otherwise, Melody maker may just BE the route to choose.  

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