[Harp-L] I have picked my poison :) ( was: country tuning songs -- Melody Maker -->> Circular (Spiral) Tuned )

Well Bob, you got yourself a convert here. After years of looking for the ideal tuning for myself and the type of music I play, I am happy to say that Iâve found it in the Circular (Spiral) tuning.

Thanks for all the information that you have shared about this tuning. I have now picked my poison   :  ) 

In this video I play a half valved Seydel 1847 circular diatonic in C. 
My cat decided to help me a little bit at the end of the video lol  : ) 



Robert Coble  wrote:
I'll stop there. I first read about Spiral Tuning in Steve Baker's Harp handbook
(highly recommended, BTW). Then Seydel made it commercially available. Then
Seydel created the Harp Configurator, allowing John Broecker (first) and me
(second) to obtain Seydel Chromatic Deluxes with Circular Tuning: 3.5 octaves
with the same advantages listed above.

TANSTAAFL - pick your desired form of poison to swallow.

Try it sometime,
Crazy Bob (the Circular Tuned evangelist)

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