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I have a Boss VE-20 which is a great vocal processor. I use it primarily for harmony on certain songs but the choices are plenty.  

This link will take you to the product page which has a nice demo video.


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Hi all,

I'm continuing to work on my vocals, which is really pretty new territory for me.  I'm considering buying a vocal processor to smooth my sound and fill it out.  Among the pieces I've looked at are:

- TC Helicon T1
- Digitech Vocalist 300

Does anyone on this list have experience with these or other vocal devices?  I know Rob P and Randy Singer have both used the Vocalist 300. 

Since I have a spare Digitech RP250 lying around, I'm planning to try that first.  It's got compression, pitch shifting, EQ, a decent tube preamp model, and good reverbs and delays, so theoretically at least it should be able to produce some decent vocal sounds.

All opinions appreciated, thanks, Richard Hunter

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