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I used to use the 12 hole Hohner Echo Vamper, as well..... Back then. AGES  
It was simply a question of using an instrument in the appropriate  key...
I believe..."Love me do" was played on a diatonic harp... But it is easy to 
 play on a solo tuned chrom too...
It is just...SO EASY to reproduce!
John "Whiteboy" Walden
Just now,
In my homeland,
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BDavisonBAZ@xxxxxxx writes:

The Echo  Vamper was the first harp I bought in the 60s and however I tried 
I  couldn't get `that harp run on From me to you.  Record mags and   photo. 
shots always showed Lennon using a diatonic .There was a lot  of  chrom 
back in the day by pro session musicians Lennon was  not that a good  harp 
player to work it out on a diatonic and play it  so fluidly. Its  possible 
in the studio it was covered by a pro  and it was, with out  doubt,played 
a chromatic

Baz  UK

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