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It's possible that the F# and F is using a country tuned harp (which has the 5th note raised a half step) - This may be how according to what you're describing.

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> The Beatles: Love Me Do
> We´ve all heard it. I don't know about you, but I have never attempted to play it until just now, I have a student who wanted to learn it so I transcribed it for her. 
> My question is: Is Lennon using a chromatic on this one? The intro works fine on a c-diatonic in 2:nd position but when the harp plays the bridge, he plays both F# and F. He is clearly not bending and the harp sounds like a chromatic. I always assumed that Lennon would play diatonic, but it seems I was wrong. 
> Anyone know anything about this one?

My understanding is that he DID use a chromatic on the bridge. Maybe 10 years ago a chromatic came up for sale and it was purported to have been owned by Lennon. This was a surprise to most everyone. On the other hand, he could have been holding a country tuned. As I don't remember anyone using that tuning at that time except me, and it wasn't a 'known' tuning, it still doesn't negate the fact that someone couldn't have come up with it. This is why I always say that the tuning isn't new. It's probably been around a long time as was known to various people under various names. Like: 'trick', or 'show' or 'stage' tuning.  

> Thanks,
> Mikael Backman

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