Re: [Harp-L] Multi-Effects for (Electric) Harmonica

Isaac Ullah wrote:
<Re: Which multieffects is the best one right now? Personally, I use an RP 155, but RIGHT NOW, I think the best <one out there is probably the Zoom G3. It offers the most for the $$ ($199).

The Zoom doesn't have a rotary speaker effect, which is probably the single effect most harp players want most in a multi FX box (followed by a good pitch shifter).  The pitch shifter in the G2NU doesn't track as well as the one in the Digitech RPs, but it's okay.  The rest of the FX, and the amp models, look very similar to what's packaged in the G2NU.  You have to pay extra for an add-on footpedal with the G3, which is a very important feature.

I like the Zoom G2NU, but I really think the best value for money is found in the Digitech RP series devices.  Of course, in the end, the "best" device for a player is the one that makes the sounds that inspire the player.

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