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First thing I'd do is check out the Sac Blues Society page, which has a nice web layout and in-depth calendar of blues shows/events:

A lot of the big names hit up the Powerhouse Pub in Folsom, although they aren't strictly blues (lot of party bands, but the last time I was there I saw Elvin Bishop which was fantastic). That's a fun place in old town Folsom with a great atmosphere and plenty to do. Old town Folsom is always poppin' on the weekends. Great restaurants and always some good entertainment at one of the few bars (all within short walking distance). Cab highly recommended due to limited parking in that area.

I've never been to the Drytown bar, but it is a small dive off of Highway 49 "rollin' into Jackson town" (if every band doesn't play Howlin' Wolf's Highway 49 I would be amazed, since this area is very likely what he was writing about) that has live blues jams often. Check their schedule.Â; I use to drive past there to go to work, but never stopped off... someday.

Torch club in downtown Sac has the occasional big name blues band. They often have blues benefits on sunday afternoons and will have some of the big local(ish) names playing there.

Press club in Sac around 21st and P use to have blues music, but I'm not too sure about that anymore.

If you find yourself north of Sacramento (about an hour) there's a place in oldtown Auburn that has blues music and a couple places in Nevada City.

Ooooh, just saw on the Sac Blues Society page that Curtis Salgado, Bernard Allison and Tommy Castro are going to be playing a show in Folsom a week from tomorrow. Sounds like a great show. Anyway, I have bestowed my limited knowledge on you. Do with it as you will. :)

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I've got a Sac trip coming up, where do you suggest visiting?

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> I'm in Sacramento. Maybe it's because of our close proximity to SF, but there are quite a few blues bands roaming around and a few bars that cater to the blues-loving crowd (some only on particular nights). I almost got a solid blues band going, but my lack of confidence on the harp and time due to my 2 young kids kept me from fulfilling that fantasy. Maybe one of these days...
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> 1.2 million people in the Richmond, VA metro area. Zero blues clubs. There are two or three venues that I would describe as "supportive" of the blues, but there are no strictly blues clubs. For that matter, there are very few strictly blues bands. I can think of maybe half a dozen. Sad...
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