[Harp-L] Multi-Effects for (Electric) Harmonica

You absoluterly need to offer at least an option to buy it without an effects unit. A lot of people (me included) already use multieffects pedals or pedal boards, and why would we want to HAVE to buy another unit when we are happy with what we've got. Personally, I think you'd be wiser to sell the harp separately, and then offer PATCHES designed for to sound good with harp for download from your site. Make patch sets for the most popular multieffects units, and if you don't want to give them away (which might be a pretty good marketing ploy 'buy an electric harp, get patch-sets for free!'), you could offer them for a nominal charge ($10?).

Re: Which multieffects is the best one right now? Personally, I use an RP 155, but RIGHT NOW, I think the best one out there is probably the Zoom G3. It offers the most for the $$ ($199).

Re: Price point. $225 is a good pricepoint if I can switch in different harp body assemblies like you say. Pesonally, I don't have that kind of cash right now, but in the future (if I ever finish my PhD and get a real job), I definitely consider buying one.

Good luck!


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