Re: [Harp-L] Multi-Effects for (Electric) Harmonica

>1) Do we offer the ELX "as is" without effects box (rtl appx $225) or do we
include an effects box in the ELX package; or do we offer both?

Offer both--you don't want to give the customer a reason not to buy/try.

>2) If we do offer an effects box, would the Digitech RP70 suffice, or
we offer different options?

Price is key—and I would  check to see if the other multieffectors at a
similar price point enabled you to use the computer to do editing, that
helps a lot.

>3) If we offered "different options" would people be interested in the
stereo option: whereby the blow and draw reeds could be separated?  This
produces a more complex sound, that may sound like two people playing at
once. (See, e.g. "stereo guitar.")

Again, it would depend on the bump in price—you need to try to keep it under
$299, IMHO.

>4) If we offered a "different option" could you recommend one?

What would that be?

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