[Harp-L] Newly without teeth...any

Hi all, i have been reading and seldom adding to the community here on line at Harp-l ...many years close friend to marine band harmonica
.....now mostly modified by Mike Peace..... by luck,  age has offered me the choice of getting dentures...i am playing while healing pre the fitting which will give me a few implants and 'walla' new teeth (plastic). getting the mouth configuration and strength.  ain't easy and my mouth gets tired...still as a 40 years plus player/performer...working on it is the only choice. i spent way too much time in anticipation .... time use, i realize I can spend play'n instead of ruminating .... still over thinking and self focus is a lot of what blues is all about .... I have continued to feel like saying yes to the things which at one time seemed imposable....bending notes, chromatic, play and sing, gtar (piano)and harp in the rack, & now toothless. i dug the reels and jigs greatly to my suprize.... thanks for inspiration   your brother Ben AKA WBjr 

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