[Harp-L] Harmonica Belt Buckles for Sale


Harmonica Belt Buckle - 3.75” Pewter

$25 shipped in the US (I am not sure the additional cost of shipping out of
the US at this point, although that can be arranged)...the actual buckle
will appear "softer" than the artist rendering and I asked to see the
product before shipping.


You have two ways to order, both require you email me directly at
mikefugazzi AT gmail DOT com.

1.  PayPal $25 to above email and include your shipping address...don't
forget your address!

2.  Cahsier's Check/Money Order...I just need to have it by October 12.  If
you need my address, contact me via email.  Please include your shipping
address.  I am horrible about keeping addresses and will have to email you
if I can't readily find it.  :)


As of now I have an order for 25 buckles in that can be added to if
necessary (so far 4 people had prepaid)...anyone who wants one can get one,
but the minimum order is 25.  My plan is to turn in the final number of
orders by October 25th.  It will take 3 weeks for the buckles to ship to me,
so I should have buckles in hand mid-November.  I will then ship them to

If you want one, I will need 100% of payment in advance.  No refunds UNLESS
there is a serious problem with the order...for example, the buckles look
awful and we return them, the company goes out of business before delivery
and payment is canceled, we find out the CEO is an alien set on destroying
the planet, etc.  I will be unable to return deposits for "canceled" orders
- I am ordering the exact number needed and have charged within 50 cents of
actual costs.

****For those wanting to check my math:

25 X = $14.96 ea

Add for one time set up 3D = $50

Artwork is $25

Shipping not included - I estimated $25 for the lot (?)

Shipping to individuals via USPS Priority - $5.20 in the US for a total of

= $598.80 grand total

Divided by 25 buckles = $23.95 (so I have a $1.05 cushion on each buckle and
could potentially get my buckle for "free")

Mike Fugazzi
Facebook <http://www.facebook.com/MikeFugazziMusic>
Quicksilver Custom Harmonicas

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