[Harp-L] Do Blues Jams turn the public off?

Have Blues jams created a negative for the listening audience?

We have jams at bars on a regular basis - why, because it is usually cheap entertainment
for the bar owners paying minimal for a host band and nothing for the jammers. The patrons
get bored with the normal "what do you want to play next" delay and then a compromised,
"let's play a slow Blues in G". I get bored as a harp player. Some nights are excellent to me
but not every time. The bar owners don't care as long as they sell drinks at very little cost.

On the weekends they book a rock band.

Now, a Blues act comes to town and the public thinks Blues is boring and they don't support the event.

It is very difficult to get new listeners. You either feel the Blues or you don't. It scares me. I love the Blues.

Dayton, OH

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