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I had the pleasure to get some private lessons from Rick in his house, and he showed me there how to buld these harps that you are talking about. And the last harp that Im playing on is built exactly like his harps. Reedplates from an old 16 hole chromatic, comb from an 10 hole chrom that have been re- milled, mouthpiece from a 10 hole chromatic and coverplates from an Auto valve. And the harp is heavily re-tuned! Works really nice!
/Joel Andersson


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Subject: Irish Reels and the Octave Harp
Date: Wed, 12 Oct 2011 21:05:56 +0100

Anyone who has joined into an Irish Trad session will know that a harmonica finds it hard to be heard against the competition of the usual fiddles, banjos and button accordeons. Mind you this can be a blessing at times. Often the only way you can even hear yourself is by putting a finger over one ear.
However anyone arrogant enough to bring along a harp amp to a session is likely to find himself being ostracised. 
In Trad circles this just is not done.
You mentioned Rick Epping’s tuning arrangement for Irish tunes, but one of his cool designs is an octave tuned “Boss Harp” which I christened “The Bunker Buster” He has a brace of these which he has totally custom made with Hohner Chromatic combs and covers. When he lets go with one of these at a session, he is not going to go unheard.
Aongus Mac Cana 		 	   		  

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