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This is harp content in that the blues and harmonica playing many times go hand in hand. Blues is dying out for one reason. The blues fans do not support the music and in many cases this is very hypocritical. How can blues fans ensure blues will not become extinct in your region? By not only purchasing tix to their favorite blues artists live shows, should they be traveling through your area. But also by insisting that these shows are "kid friendly". I happen to be a die hard that is actually purchasing and promoting blues shows in the capitol region area of New York. After breaking out even (money/investment wise) for our first two shows and then losing money on our third show, we had to come up with a better plan. We are now attempting to initiate the concept of having a 'Kids Under 16 Free with Adult' component as part of a campaign that we are calling "Let Kids Hear The Music!". How many times have you heard about how music superstars were exposed to live music by their music loving parents, or that young aspiring musicians had to sneak into a show or listen outside in the parkig lot. This is the only way to save the blues genre in my opinion. Otherwise future generations will not be exposed to this currently non-commercially accepted genre. Blues in schools is a good start, but this takes it a step further. These shows will be weeekend only and run from usually from 8pm-10pm. Friday October 21, we are bringing Debbie Davies to The Parting Glass in Saratoga Springs NY. We are pushing this concept along with low ticket prices. Kids Are Free with an adult! Let's make blues not only about a night of partying but lets make it educational, and actully lean in that direction. The kids will be home by 10:30.
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Bill makes a lot of sense here--
San Diego has a world class jazz station, KSDS, with an online presence--they promote the blues.
And Patricks II is a club in the gaslamp district that has been almost exclusively blues for decades.
And of course, John Frazer (Harmonica John) keeps the Spring Harp Fest going, we have world class harmonica headliners every year, last year was Jon Gindick.
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