[Harp-L] Re: Gussow in Princeton Alumni Weekly please read before posting on this topic

Ok, I'm confused.  A cross post of a provocative interview of Adam Gussow
made its way onto harp-l.
So far so good.  From there we had some comments but from a lot of those
comments it appeared nobody had really followed the thread on Modern Blues
Harmonica.  Adam followed up with a couple of explanations and an apology
of sorts and since then virtually all of the posting has been about who's
good or bad and which version of truth and or history the poster has
chosen to adopt.

Here's the confused part, how is any of this about harmonica and how can
you discuss the in and outs of an entirely different list than harp-l and
have that discussion be anything other than meta discussion?  I can see a
glimmer of a possible core discussion, young turks versus the
traditionalists and what that might mean culturally and musically.  So far
nobody's gone there.

The bottom line, it's fine to continue the thread but only if the
discussion is able to be about our topic, all things harmonica.  Replaying
revisionist interpretive histories of something that didn't even happen on
this list is not going to work.  I do have one question that is pertinent
to the discussion, at what age is someone no longer a young turk?  50, 51,
53?  harp-l-listowner

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