Re: [Harp-L] Help understanding a section of Winslows book

If you are having trouble getting the high notes to sound, you are probably using too much energy.

Try breathing gently rather than blowing/sucking.

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I am having continued difficulty hitting high notes. mostly on my c,d,f
harps, they are sep.20's and manji's, on page 77 of Winsows book it says
"you will find the draw notes one hole to the right of where you would
expect them to be", I know tha at hole 7 the breath pattern changes, but I
dont understand why there would be a left to right change? I am wondering if
not understanding this, is part of my problem.
The funny thin is most instructional material referances having difficulty
with the 2 draw, I have no difficuty with the 2 draw but high end has been a
I thank the comunity in advance for any help


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