Re: [Harp-L] Eivets Rednow Question

I hear some delay in there (0:09) most of it might be Stevie's brilliance, but hard to believe he can add delay. 
just sayin' 


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Hi Tom - 

Many have asked this question. Stevie has done this a lot through the years. I believe it involves clicking the tongue in such a way that it causes the draw reed to sound (but since I've never been able to master it, I don't really know). It's very difficult for most mortals to match, at least in terms of volume and clarity, but it is _not_ studio trickery -- there are audio clips from old live concerts where he does it, and I'm pretty sure he does it in that great youtube clip of him doing the tune live with Burt Bacharach on TV. 

- Slim 

On Oct 11, 2011, at 8:30 AM, Tom Ball wrote: 

> OK so here I was following the Stevie thread, and now have yet a 
> different query: 
> On the sound sample that was provided, ie: 
> take a 
> listen to "Alfie." 
> So what gives at 0:09? 
> This probably sounds like a bonehead question, but fact is, I'm a 
> pretty poor excuse for a chrom player and don't really know what the 
> instrument is capable of... I'm assuming that pseudo-plucked, 
> pizzicato-sounding effect is done with studio trickery? Please tell 
> me Stevie isn't actually doing that somehow.....? 
> thanks, 
> Tom Ball <--blushing at his chromatic ignorance 

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