Re: [Harp-L] Cannonball Adderly's Work Song

On 10/09/2011 01:27 PM, Jp Pagán wrote:
One of my first favorite harp tunes was Butter's version of this. I heard the Cannonball original before Clarke's. I now listen to all three pretty often. ;)
While Clarke's approach is different from Butter's (not just in instrumentation) I think it's interesting to note that he essentially sticks with Butter's simplified, bluesier version of the head, instead of using the chromatic's, well, chromaticity, to play the head as originally "written."
rob paparozzi does a sweet version of this, too. i also have a muddy waters
version with george smith on it, and the mark/robben ford version rocks hard.
it's a great song, and it's cool the way everybody brings their own voice to it.

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