Re: [Harp-L] Cannonball Adderly's Work Song

<<The Work Song was written Nat Adderly and Oscar Brown  Jr>>
I believe that It is MUCH older than that...... But perhaps Nat Aderley has 
 the copy write... I don't think that he REALY and truly  wrote  it... 
I used to play that tune too, back in the '60s. I used to think it was  
Then at a gig... some one came up to me and said "YOU GOT THAT FROM  BUTT
No I didn;t...
It is a GREAT TUNE..
PLAY it and ENJOY it... It is real easy to play in second position on a  
A lovely tune.
John "Whhiteboy" Walden
Just now... Back in his homeland, England.
_http://johnwalden.freevar,com_ (http://johnwalden.freevar,com) 

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