[Harp-L] re: Harp-l's future? oh the irony

Hi, no plans whatsoever for harp-l to end.  Of course nobody ever knows
with cettainty what the future may bring  but the continued existence of
harp-l is not at all imperiled.

Ok, I appreciate all of the very nice comments regarding the list
environment etc but one of the reasons we all like harp-l (I hope) is that
for the most part we avoid meta discussions.  The future of harp-l is a
meta discussion.  That's why I created a topical google group to host the
discussion.  You can find that group here,


The archive is public so you can follow along with out having to join.  If
you have a question you can post it to owner-harp-l@xxxxxxxxxx and I'll go
ahead and answer it either privately of publicly in the meta group if
you're ok with that.  Thanks, harp-l-listowner

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