[Harp-L] Future of Harp-l

Let me add to the expressions of gratitude and endorsement  to the
hard-worked owner/moderator of Harp-l.

I hope that the possible demise of the list is like Mark Twain's famous
death notice "grossly exaggerated".

In about eight years of lurking I have accumulated more than 200 pages of
Word document containing useful tips on both music and harmonica
maintenance. In addition to list postings, I have received many helpful
offline mails from list members. 

The harmonica community seems to comprise a generally agreeable lot. All I
need to do now is to actually put the advice received into practice.

If - God forbid - the list does expire, I hope that the owner will realise,
appreciate and be able to take some satisfaction from the value of the
contribution he has made over the years.


Aongus Mac Cana

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