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   Sorry to hear about fjm moving on.  Didn't always agree with some of his
edicts, but the list is a wonderful thing and he deserves a ton of credit
for that.  I sure wouldn't want to have to monitor and referee something
this huge.  He's been a fair, impartial guy and I respect that.
     Years ago I posted a sound clip of me playing in my 20's and I was
amazed that the thing got 75 hits almost immediately.  Nowadays, I can post
a video that's standing still and come back to it a day or two later to find
another 300-400 hits on it.  Now that's a form of power and I'm sure
other readers have had similar experiences.  A couple of years ago I posted
a long piece on Ron Sorin's workshop at Joe Filisko's Old Town School of
Folk Music class.  Somebody told Ron about it and he actually contacted me
after reading it.  Told me he intended to record a CD and asked if I might
consider doing the liner notes.  So I got a writing gig from the list and
I'm sure other people have gotten playing gigs.
   I have no way of proving it, but I firmly believe this list has probably
rescued SPAH.  That a considerable chunk of convention attendance
nowadays is due to the interest generated on harp-l about these gatherings.
I also believe that the chromatic harmonica has never been in better shape
in part because the Internet has connected these players and turned them
into a world-wide community.  They share tips on playing, repairing, and
there are a slew of great videos to watch and get inspired by.  Harp-l gets
a piece of that credit, too.

Mick Zaklan

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