Re: [Harp-L] Harp Case From Slim

Christian... I mean "Slim".... is both a great guy... And he builds great  
harmonica cases. I bought one, just a few months go, and it is SUPERB.
He is both an excellent guitarist AND a harmonica player too... (He  plays 
harp on a rack)
If you NEED a harmonica case... Contact Slim... 
They really are not particularly expensive... BUT THEY ARE REALLY  GOOD.
He also retails harmonicas, at competitive prices....
NO I am not an "ENDORSER"... Simply a satisfied customer.
John "Whiteboy" Walden
Just now...
I am in Gravesend, Kent, England.
_http://johnwalden.freevar.com_ ( 
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jconcilus@xxxxxxxx writes:


My wife was nice enough to get me a new harp case as a  gift. I think 
I'll keep her. ;-)

After we looked at a wide range of  cases we found mentioned here, and 
on various harmonica-related websites  and forums, we ordered it from 
Slim's Custom Cases, over in the UK. The  site and the work is by 
Christian "Slim" Jackson.  I read from him  about his cases on Adam's 
forum originally, I think, but don't remember  seeing any posts from 

Slim's Custom  Cases

Well, it's here, and I  couldn't be happier. The whole experience of 
explaining to Slim what I  needed for fit and finish was quite 
painless, and where there were  questions about my gear, we took 
measurements.  He was professional,  easy to work with and it arrived 
when he said it would, well packed and  fits my mics and harps quite 

The cost was reasonable, I  think, for the quality and amount of 

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