[Harp-L] Re: [ Harp - L ] Phil Caltabellotta's vibratos

Michael - Thanks for the kind words and even better for spelling my name correctly, as usually very few get it right!  

On a more serious note referring to your question about my vibrato technique; I do move my jaw up and down slightly
to get a certain vibrato on particular phrases.  For example, this is used many times when I hold an ending note.
I also use my throat and diaphragm to get a different type of vibrato in the middle of melody lines.
I play pucker style and do not use my tongue on single notes.  I will use these different vibrato techniques, 
according to how I feel in a particular number. I never use a very heavy vibrato, as I prefer somewhat of a middle type
vibrato trying to emulate somewhat of a horn type sound.  A lot of this is not thought out and is just instinctive.  
Most people who play harmnonica for a certain amount of time will do the same.  

The best way to understand what I have said is to attend the 39th GSHC Festival from Nov.3-5  in East Hanover, NJ 
at the Ramada Hotel. On Friday, Nov.4,  I will be part of a workshop on tone that includes a demonstration of vibrato 
with Bob McFarlane, Chris Bauer, Frank Grova, Charlie Toker, Rob Paparozzi and more.

Check the website: http://www.gardenstateharmonicaclub.org for more details and registration information. The schedules will be out very soon with  performers and seminars dates.

Try to join us,

Phil Caltabellotta,
Co-Chair Festival

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