[Harp-L] Re: Jensen Neo 15-50?

Thanks for the input Mark.

Has anyone here tried a 2x12 setup compared to something around 300 square
inches, like a Bassman? How does a Bassman sound with 2x12 instead of 4x10?
I understand that 300 is more than 230. But from what I know, if I used more
efficient speakers, then I wouldn't really lose any volume. Granted, I don't
know how efficient the Pyle's actually are, but I've never read any good
reviews of Pyle speakers from musicians (though these were guitarist reviews
and not harpist reviews.)

The Sonny Jr. 2 will actually put out over 100 watts. It has 4 6L6's (each
worth a "potential" 25 watts). But I would have to put a solid state
rectifier in it and two 12ax7's to get the maximum power out of it. Might be
okay for guitar, but would be terrible for harp. As it is (and as I will use
it) it's worth around 60 watts. And that's what Gary has it set up for, with
the 6 20W Pyle's adding up to 120 watts (exactly double). But it has been
tested by a company in Texas, with various tube combinations, and will put
out just over 100 Watts, with the right combination of tubes and rectifier.
They tested it out and put documentation with the amp. This particular amp,
by the by, used to be John Popper's (Blues Traveler). I guess he was the one
that had it tested out for maximum power output. The documentation was with
the amp when I bought it.

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