[Harp-L] John Popper plays the blues

Johnny Winter these days, as seen in some painful Youtube clips, is but a walking shadow (and he was kinda thin already at the outset), his playing abilities at times appear to be completely gone. But he has collected himself and some famous guests to a record, "Roots", that anyway is not a total disaster. And this is the first time for me to hear John Popper play the blues when he sits in on a number, "Last night".
  Many years ago Winter did this one with a fabulous harmonica solo by Pat Ramsey, and let´s just say that Popper does not go down that same road. He plays with a rather thin sound, not much distortion (if any) and does in no way try to emulate a traditional blues style. Lotsa notes and his fast characteristic runs in the upper register.
  But I have to say it´s rather impressive to hear his command of a high G harp, bending down 10 B with accuracy. (At least that´s what I think it is: haven´t played along with it yet, it´s late here and living in an apartment where you can hear the neighbour snore makes you careful with those harmonicas.)
For those of you who like him, check it out, it´s interesting in it´s way. (The record is on Spotify.) A more trad harmonica approach to the blues can be heard on "Mojo" with a guy named Frank Latorre (? not sure of the name).

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