Re: [Harp-L] New release & video -- ten harmonicas at once!

And the tune, the classic "Nagasaki" . . .
Where the women wickie wacky woo--
Is the arrangement original to you?
Great job, o'course!
----Gary In San Diego

Thanks, Gary! :-)

Some of this is indeed the 1920's song 'Nagasaki' with 'Sailor's Hornpipe' and other stuff mixed in. A lot of the arrangement comes from the Minnevitch version; other parts come from Minnevitch's 'Bugle Call Rag,' and some sections started out as passing sections on Harry Reser's Six Jumping Jacks' stuff from the '20s. Still other parts are original. Liner notes on the CD version thank both Minnevitch and Reser. It's kind-of all mixed up, and with the UFO theme added in the intros and outros, I figured I'd just combine it all and pay tribute to everyone by calling it, 'Nagasaki Sails From Uranus.'

cheers and all best,

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