Re: [Harp-L] Happy Birthday Harp-l!

HARPy birthday!!

On Thu, Oct 6, 2011 at 6:45 PM, rob paparozzi <chromboy@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>wrote:

> Happy Birthday!!! Harp-l.....and many more, I know I may be one of that 1st
> subscribers group!!!
> Rob Paparozzi
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> Harp-l turned 19 today.  Started by Chris Pierce a student at Western
> Kentucky University way back in 1992.  Here's the first post and if you're
> interested here's a link to the first month.  Traffic slowly picks up as
> the month progresses.
> There is at least one list member still subscribed who was a member in
> that first month.  Winslow Yerxa was also an early adopter.  I'm not quite
> sure when he first showed up but it was well within the first year.  I'm a
> relative late comer with my first post showing up in June of 1994.
> I will be following up with an announcement later today.  It's time to
> discuss harp-l's future.  For a long while I've had a google group called
> harp-l-meta discussions set up.  Nobody has taken the bait and actually
> joined.  I've used it as a pseudo blog and indulged myself with sometimes
> snarky commentary regarding the actual harp-l list.  It's time to use meta
> discussions for meta discussions.  Details on how to join etc to follow.
> Thanks, harp-l-listowner
> WELCOME to all!!!
> This listserver is for harmonica lovers/players/enthusists/and any one
> else that is interested.
> This is not for any one particular style of music.  I hope that
> through this list much can be learned from all different forms of
> harmonica playing.
> Blues, Jazz, Swing, Folk, Country, Rock, and ALL others are welcome.
> If you have questions or if you would like to share your ideas,
> experience and knowledge, please feel free.
> It will probably start out slow, but after a while I think this list
> should work out well.
> Thanks.
> Good Harpin',
> Chris Pierce
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