[Harp-L] Scott Albert Johnson on Thacker Mountain Radio

Hi all... This Saturday evening (Mississippi time), I will be on an episode
of the award-winning *Thacker Mountain Radio*(www.thackermountain.com) from
Mississippi Public Broadcasting.  This wonderful show has featured such
musical luminaries like Charlie Musselwhite, Elvis Costello, Peter Rowan,
Gillian Welch, the North Mississippi Allstars and many more, as well as
legendary writers like Larry Brown, Martin Amis, and Barry Hannah.

This episode was recorded last Thursday at the Lyric Theatre in Oxford.  I
performed three songs early in the show (with the great Chalmers Davis, from
Little Richard's band, on piano), and then played again with Silas Reed and
Da Books (killer band) near the end.

Thacker Mountain Radio airs this and every Saturday on Mississippi Public
Broadcasting at 7pm Central Time... You can listen worldwide via the
Internet at http://mpbonline.org/ or at

Harp geek content... I played the first song in 1st and 12th positions, the
2nd song also in 1st and 12th (if memory serves), and the 3rd song in cross
harp.  :)

*Scott Albert Johnson*
*VOTED "Best Musician", 2009 and 2010 "Best of Jackson" Awards, Jackson Free
*Umbrella Man leaves no stone unturned. Scott Albert Johnson's debut mixes
blues, rock, folk and jazz, unified by first-rate harmonica playing." (Maureen
Palli, Relix)*
*MORE INFO: www.scottalbertjohnson.com*
*FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Scott-Albert-Johnson/57364390664*

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