[Harp-L] Re: Jensen Neo 15-150?

I've been wondering how the Jensen neo's sound for harmonica, too. A friend
of mine says they're great, but I haven't had a chance to hear them in
person yet; he's got them but he's a couple hours away from me. I'm
wondering if a 2x12 neo setup would work better in my Sonny Jr 2 than the
6x8 Pyles that it is equipped with. It's a great amp, but big and heavy. I'm
thinking neo's would shave off a few pounds, but don't know how much. The
Pyles are 20watt 8" speakers. I've never weighed them, so I don't know how
much they weigh versus the Jensens. I don't think I could run the single 15
in it, because it has 2 transformers with 2 separate speaker outputs, so
2x12 would be the way to go.

I think the surface area of the 2x12 versus the 6x8 wouldn't be too much of
a difference. 230 versus 300. That shouldn't matter too much. The main thing
would be the sensitivity of the jensen neo's versus the pyles... 200 watts
of speaker on 60watts of amplifier versus the current 120 watts of speaker
on 60 watts of amplifier. (The Sonny Jr 2 can potentially tube up to just
over 100 watts of power with the right rectifier). But I don't usually play
it cranked. And then the sound curve or whatever it's called of the
speakers... would it work well with harmonica?

Anybody else tried the jensen neo's for harp?

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