[Harp-L] Harp-l's future

Founded by Chris Pierce 19 years ago today harp-l has been in existence
since before we actually had browsers.  I remember having a discussion
with Chris about the new Mosaic browser that was about to be released. 
Before Mosaic we were using Lynx which was text only.  Harp-l has been
here a very long time especially when viewed in the context of the
internet.  Harp-l is called harp-l because it originated on a listserv
which is a product now owned by L-soft.  Anything with that -l at the end
of the name usually started out as a listserv.  Things change and we've
changed with them but only up to a point.  We don't support pretty
pictures, html text or youtube videos inserted into e-mails.  We are no
longer a listserv.  We moved from the L-soft product to Majordomo and from
there to what we use now, Mailman.

When harp-l started we were it.  There was nothing else.  At our peak we
were over 2,000 posts a month.  We've slowly declined to where we are now
right around 700-800 posts a month.  Oddly membership has slowly
increased.  In July of 2004 when we swapped harp-l over to the new server
site we started with just over 1,000 subscribers.  In those first few days
that number dipped below 1,000 because for the first time we had the
ability to cull dead addresses.  Since then we've slowly and inexorably
grown.  We're at about 2250 right now.

I've done this for longer than any other listowner before me.  I'm pretty
close to a decade right now.  I've been involved for even longer than
that.  It's time for me to head towards the door.  Absent some very
significant change I will not be here past harp-l's 20th anniversary. 
What I hope can happen is a community wide discussion regarding what
harp-l can be in the future and how that can work.  Harp-l the actual list
is not really the place for that discussion to take place.  If you'd like
to comment on harp-l, harp-l's future etc I invite you to join
harp-l-meta-discussions.  You can find that group here.


It's an open group in that the archives will not be closed and anyone can
join.  You'll need permission to join, the reason being evil spam bots and
spammers.  I'm not trying to keep any of you folks out.  To differentiate
between real live human beings and bots I'll need anyone wanting to join
to give a reason they want to join.  Anything coherent and obvious is
fine. Just make it clear that you've read this and you're a person.

What harp-l is now is several domain names and a server.  The domains are
paid up through 2013.  The server costs are monthly.  Harp-l is self
funded.  Nobody sponsors us.  2 people split the costs.  Currently harp-l
costs about $300 a year for the server and then maybe another $75 for the
domains and dns hosting.  We don't sell anything and we don't host ads or
other commercial content.

So there it is.  A chance to talk about the meta of where harp-l is
headed.  Take it or leave it.  I'd be thrilled if people decide to
participate but I'll also understand if it's not for you.  Best Wishes,

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