[Harp-L] Happy Birthday Harp-l!

Harp-l turned 19 today.  Started by Chris Pierce a student at Western
Kentucky University way back in 1992.  Here's the first post and if you're
interested here's a link to the first month.  Traffic slowly picks up as
the month progresses. 

There is at least one list member still subscribed who was a member in
that first month.  Winslow Yerxa was also an early adopter.  I'm not quite
sure when he first showed up but it was well within the first year.  I'm a
relative late comer with my first post showing up in June of 1994.

I will be following up with an announcement later today.  It's time to
discuss harp-l's future.  For a long while I've had a google group called
harp-l-meta discussions set up.  Nobody has taken the bait and actually
joined.  I've used it as a pseudo blog and indulged myself with sometimes
snarky commentary regarding the actual harp-l list.  It's time to use meta
discussions for meta discussions.  Details on how to join etc to follow. 
Thanks, harp-l-listowner

WELCOME to all!!!

This listserver is for harmonica lovers/players/enthusists/and any one
else that is interested.

This is not for any one particular style of music.  I hope that
through this list much can be learned from all different forms of
harmonica playing.

Blues, Jazz, Swing, Folk, Country, Rock, and ALL others are welcome.
If you have questions or if you would like to share your ideas,
experience and knowledge, please feel free.

It will probably start out slow, but after a while I think this list
should work out well.


Good Harpin',

Chris Pierce

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