[Harp-L] Subject: Richard Sleigh's mailing list

Anyone who isn't already on Richard Sleigh's wonderfully informative  
mailing list and wants to know the nuts and bolts of how harmonicas work should  
sign up.
His latest email (like the others) is written so well while this  one 
clears up misconceptions about tuning and Hertz...
..completely invaluable for someone like me. Richard is one of the  
treasures of the harmonica world and a super nice guy.
One isn't inundated with emails - they're scarce but full of great info.  
Imagine getting this knowledge on a one-to-one basis from someone so  
talented he became one of the Filisko 'mob' yet so humble. I feel  privileged.
Thank you, Richard. I save every one and refer back as needed.

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