[Harp-L] New release & video -- ten harmonicas at once!

Tom Ball wrote: 
Just wanted to alert Harp-Lers to a new release.............."Nagasaki From Uranus," as by the Tom Ball Harmonic
Orchestra. Here's the link to the video.  http://tinyurl.com/nagasakisails

Tom, thanks for this cool vid.  Great pics.  I didn't recognize a couple of the old pics of the old blues guys ( I wish they had captions).  
  Just the other day while I was planting some trees at the house, i dug out my portable boom box and put on your CD, "20th Anniversary Live".  
  Your playing is amazing.  U should be getting more press here on Harp-L!   You are one of my favs.
  I always appreciate your informative posts here on the list, so thanks for everything.
ron - FL Keys

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