Re: [Harp-L] Fun stuff to use my tool kit on!

Hi Rob,
True ensemble musicianship, at it's best. I don't think I ever seen or  
heard anyone one musician play Bass, Chromatic, and Diatonic harmonicas in  the 
same song. Maybe a first? Enjoyed it Big Time.
Chris  Mastakas 
In a message dated 10/5/2011 5:39:54 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time,  
chromboy@xxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:

I've  been transferring old video's to DVD before the tape goes bad...
I found  one I did almost 15 yrs ago!

This song I start out on the BASS then  switch to Diatonic and then 
and then back n forth...Marc Muller  is a talented songwriter and his
material always sets up well for  Harmonica  I still do gigs with him on
occasion...and it's always a  challenge but tons of  fun,-)

Rob  Paparozzi

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