Re: [Harp-L] New release & video -- ten harmonicas at once!


You've really outdone yourself in a reedfull way this time!,-) so Musically Colorful.........

Great Playing on ALL the axes and the accompanying Video is Priceless!

Thanx for sharing this with us!

Rob Paparozzi

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Just wanted to alert Harp-Lers to a new release, with accompanying (free) video. Via the magic of overdubs there are ten different harps used on this: diatonics, chromatics, whole-tone, polyphonia, slide-harp, extreme-bender and double-octave bass harp.

"Nagasaki From Uranus," as by the Tom Ball Harmonica Orchestra. Here's the link to the video. (Turn up the volume.) :-)

Also downloadable through all the usual outlets. Really fun project! Any comments -- pro or con -- much appreciated. Thanks for listening and hope ya like it!

For further information:

cheers to all,
Tom Ball

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