Subject: [Harp-L] Garden State Harmonica Festival

I'm in, paid up - and SO looking forward to this, Danny. Thanks  for these 
video glimpses. Tres cool. 
Besides all the other great performers, it's especially nice for me to  see 
Hal Walker with the Khaen since I had posted here quite a bit after  
'discovering' the sound of this incredible instrument a few months ago. I'm  
really stoked to hear him in person and get to see it close up.
**(am attaching a post of mine from July 6 of this year which included  
videos of his and others' playing).
While this IS the 39th Festival, it's actually the 40th Anniversary of the  
Garden State due to one unfortunate year (2008) when there was no Festival. 
 It causes some confusion but definitely is 40 years. That's a real  
Val Redler and Phil Caltabellotta (Co-chairs of the Fest) have brought  it 
back to a level far surpassing any before...this is the 'new and improved'  
Garden State Festival - with an up to date attitude,look, performers and  
Hotel. The club is thriving with many new people joining, primarily due to Val 
 & Phil's unwavering commitment to the Festival and Club and refusal to 
allow  it to collapse after so many years. As President of the Club Val's 
always in  recruitment mode. She's absolutely tireless and been the best thing to 
ever  happen to Garden State. 
This year's Festival is shaping up to be the best yet. The party  
celebrating the 40th Anniversary at Enrico Granafei's Trumpets Jazz Club  was 
perfectly done, incorporating Stan Harper's 90th Birthday  celebration with cakes 
and a champagne toast to honour both Stan  and the Club, Phil making sure all 
the performers were comfortable and set  up on stage, Pat Maturo as MC (a 
revelation), and we're continuing with more of  the same with fabulous 
musicians on the order of famed guitarist Bucky  Pizzarelli, in November. It's now 
less than a month away, so those interested  should get going!
I was forced to miss SPAH but I'll get to Garden State somehow. It's such a 
 warm and personal atmosphere I wouldn't miss it for anything. Hope to see 
all of  my friends there, new and old.:) 

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Subject: [Harp-L] Garden State  Harmonica Festival
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I posted a video preview of the upcoming Garden State Harmonica Festival on 
website (New Harmonica) where you can register for the festival and pay  
for it with
your credit card or your Paypal  account.
If  you'd rather just watch the video and skip the sales pitch, 
you can watch it  on Youtube
Thanks and I hope  to see you there
Danny G"
(July 2011 post about Hal Walker and the Khaen)
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Thanks,  Duane!

I've done a YouTube search - saw a few more vids of his and  then  listened 
to some other Khaen players. My take on it (so far) is  similar to the  
idea that 'it's the player and his/her tone', not the  instrument so much,  
although at times it definitely has an organ like  sound. Seems Mr. Walker has 
an entirely different and huge sound on the  Khaen than anyone else I've 
heard play it for its original music.  

(a traditional player Master Bounseung Synanonh - at the  Smithsonian)


Here Hal Walker  is in a stairwell (with an acoustic singing group). No 
harp content here, just  great sound.  :)


And a version where he calls it 'the original harmonica'  (although 
according to Pat Missin the Chinese Sheng was 'the original  harmonica?)...I'm  
VERY intrigued by this sound and would love to try out  this  instrument.


I then found a very cool video of Ben Hewlett playing the  Khaen:


(Ben's a well-known Harmonica player to this list). For any who don't  know 
him, here's a previous harmonica teaching vid of  his:


I'm still of the mind that already having 'big' harmonica tone helps  in 
playing the Khaen (for non-trad players)...

Fun to find something  previously unknown and be completely blown away by 
the sound. Within one of  Hal Walker's vids is a mention that they can be 
found  on EBay? 

I'm  going to look.  :)


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