[Harp-L] re: video review requested--randy singer and grammy winner

>I am requesting a review of my video here.
>I must qualify your viewing with this statement. 
>THIS WAS THE VERY FIRST TIME I HEARD THIS SONG!!!!! This was total improv as I was hearing the song for the FIRST time. 
>Not looking for handicap points, but we harmonica players have to sometimes sit in and never know the key or vibe of the song before we play. 
>This is a real art, the art of sitting in.
Usually when people are requesting reviews they want compliments on their performance ... But that´s not too hard to muster here, so let me give you some.
  First, the sound, the big delay, is great for this type of song -- somewhat un-structured as it appears from listening one (1) time -- and there is no trebly harshness, so you obviously know your way around the soundboard. And when it comes to playing you are commendably discreet, providing atmosphere more than trying to take over and showing off.
  But I know you are a very experienced player and don´t need to be told that, nor, say, that the deep bends on 3D are very confident, and that you handle 6D very well -- no excessive wailing there, just the right amount of input.
The slightly sloppy ... arpeggios from around 2:10 are perhaps less to my liking -- maybe crowd pleasing, but not working that well on me. (Can´t win them all ...)
Really nicely done all around and I tilt my hat to you. I know how hard this is to pull of well.

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