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I agree...100%
I learned to play harmonica on a "G" 270... WHEN I WAS EIGHT years  old.
But the CX-12 is twice as loud, and so much more responsive...
What REALY maters... Is simply to play the music!
Best wishes,
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I'd go  for a CX-12 tenor "C"...
John "Whiteboy" Walden
Just now...
In  England.

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If you'd  like, go here to  get a TON of input from a whole slew of  mostly 
chromatic  players - along with their reasons for their   choices:   ( 

It's been asked  many,  many times before, so either type the question into 
the  search  engine or begin a new topic. It's a relatively ongoing focus 

conversation there given that new chromatic players join all  the time and  
most  of the long-term players have quite strong  opinions about their  
favourite  chromatics, along with the  windsaver question (to valve or  

While I personally  love the CX-12's and think they're the  perfect 
for  those transitioning from diatonics (ease of  dismantling,  
ability to bend, tone, etc)'ll still  all  depend on how you play, 
kind  of music is your focus, what   YOU want from the instrument and, of  
course, your finances.   

I'm particularly fond of playing CX-12's in 'other' keys, A and  Bb  being 
favourites since I'm mostly into R&B and  Contemporary Jazz  music and like 
to  play along with the music  of Peter White (my  favourite guitarist) and 
lot of   Saxophonists. Naturally, though I  have C, Tenor C, G to play 
with my  fellow chromatic players at  club meetings and at SPAH,  etc. I 
CX-12's  because they're fun.  I also still play  a Super 64 Chromatic when 
need the  extra notes.  I'd  highly recommend the bigger instrument as well 
since even  a   player with small hands can play it with no real problem. 

I'm an  ear  player who can read a little - find it very easy to switch  to 
different keys since I don't think in terms of keys, but am  purely  
the  music (song) in my head. Others find  it complicated to  play anything 
other  than a Key of C chrom.  It's all very personal  and opinions are as 
varied as the   players.

As far as them  being expensive - I just received a  brand-new Tenor C 

bought  off EBay, sold by a woman who  said it had minimal play. I've 
checked it over and if it  was played at ALL I can't tell. It's so clean  
and new  it  practically sparkles...puts my own to shame, and mine  are   
spotless. I'm cleaning it anyway of course, since I'm ever the   skeptic, 
but  it 
cost all of $111. Can't beat that for what is  a  pristine  and gorgeous 
instrument. My original Tenor C needs  work so  this  was a great way to 
a backup. 

One can  get a CX-12  (mostly in C) brand new from EBay  stores for as low  
$176. Don't  believe the hype about Manufacturers'   retail prices. These 
online stores which sell new  instruments. Here's one    link:


THIS second seller charges $185 but carries them in more keys:  Has  been  
around (on EBay) for several years and as far as I  know will  get a key 
looking for if   contacted.


I'd still suggest doing a lot of homework before deciding. Most  of  those 
us who originally thought we'd buy one 'perfect'  chromatic, ended  up with 
HAS  (harmonica acquisition syndrome).  As a diatonic player  you might 
already  understand the  concept.<G>

Some EBay  sellers even allow returns which one  cannot find with regular   
harmonica vendors, which to me  implies they probably send out an   already 
played instrument to  the next buyer.  So I err on  the  side of caution by 
cleaning every instrument I buy before I play  it  no matter  where I 
purchased it 
since I really don't know who 'tested'   it  last. With a new instrument a 
simple alcohol (or 'Clorox   Anywhere' spray) wipe  down usually suffices.

Have fun   deciding!

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Date: Sat, 1 Oct 2011  12:13:41  -0400
From: Richard  Eisenberg  <catketch2@xxxxxxxxx>
Subject:  [Harp-L] 1st Chromatic   ?
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I've been playing  diatonic  harps for quite a while, mainly Special  20's.
I've got  bending down,  drawing and blowing.
I want to get a  chromatic  and start learning on  that.
I want one that bends.
Which one   will do that?
What do  the windsavers have to do with bending   ability?
Which key, because  some varieties come in C  or   D   or   G?


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