Subject: Re: [Harp-L] How to Reply

Hi Robert:
I do get the List in Digest form - much prefer it that way since I can see  
all the posts and replies thereto and rarely respond until a Digest or so  
later. I'm one who reads every post whether or not the  topic interests me 
since I still think of it as the civil thing to do even  after 7 years, so I 
guess it's something which works for me.  If it's an  overly technical 
thread I might skim through it a bit since I simply don't  have a real interest 
in Amps and gear or their details at this stage. I'm a fast  reader.<G>
It helps fix people in my memory doing it this way and I quite look forward 
 to the Digests. I couldn't possibly deal with the influx of individual 
emails  with the amount of mail I already get and simply don't have the time or 
 inclination to set up a separate email addy just for harp-l. After reading 
the  Digest I can store it on my Server for easy retrieval.
The main downside is in missing an imminent event someone might post since  
I usually don't see those until afterwards.
As you've noted, it does require a bit of delicacy in cutting and pasting - 
 but simply scanning the particular post one is responding to and pasting 
it into  an email window (as I did here) usually obviates any real problem. 
Being a  fast typist comes in very handy as well. ;)
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Digest puts one email in your box, one or two a day. But requires  careful
cut-paste to reply, and you must scroll deeply thru the LONG  message.

Individual emails puts MANY messages in your inbox, but the  advantage is
replying easily to ONE topic, OR deleting by topic when you are  not

I like Gmail for the way it displays all the  contributors to a topic, that
is, by the time I see the topic, all  contributors are assembled.

Robert Hale
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On  Fri, Sep 30, 2011 at 2:15 PM, <EGS1217@xxxxxxx> wrote:

> I don't  like hitting reply or reply all - since it can cause  problems.

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